How the skill system works in RuneScape 2007?

RuneScape 2007 has 23 skills that allow players to customize a character’s combat style and to specialize in different gathering and crafting professions.

RuneScape 2007 players can build a unique avatar by choosing from 23 skills to train. Free players have access to 15 skills while premium members unlock eight more. Apart from this restriction, any player can learn and improve any skill. A skill is trained when it’s used. Each skill has its own XP bar. When that particular skill is used, players gain XP towards it. To level up a skill, players must use it as many times as it’s necessary to gain the amount of XP needed for the level promotion. A skill’s level ranges from 1 to 99. The only exception is Hitpoints, the skill that represents a character’s health. This skill starts at level 10. After achieving level 99, players can still get a limited amount of XP for that skill but there won’t be another promotion. RuneScape 2007 skills are capped at 99. Players that max out a skill can get a Cape of Accomplishment. Wearing such a Cape does not bring major benefits, it’s just for showing off the skill progression.

Skills are divided into four categories. Combat skills such as defense, attack, hitpoints, magic and so on, allow players to increase their characters’ combat capabilities and to specialize in different fighting styles. All combat skills are available to free RuneScape 2007 players. Gathering skills like mining, woodcutting, fishing, hunting and farming give players different ways to obtain materials that are used in crafting professions. Artisan skills like firemaking, herblore, cooking and such are used to create various items with materials obtained from gathering skills. There are three uncategorized skills that are also referred to as support skills. All support skills are premium skills but they don’t have a major impact on character development. Players are advised to pick gathering and artisan skills that work well together. Cooking is best paired with woodcutting, firemaking, hunting and fishing. Another good idea is to alternate skill training as some skills can be quite repetitive. Need runescape 2007 gold for help in your playing? To choose a legit and professional site is very important for your buying.
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