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Nanoparticle research

Nanoparticles are present in many different products in both artificial and natural forms. The size of these particles offers a number of important advantages in production. For example, substances can be mixed that normally do not or hardly bind with each other. In order to use nanoparticles in an effective way, Solids Solutions conducts nanoparticle testing. This way, the exact size of the particles can be determined, which varies from 1 to 100 nanometres.


Solids Solutions in product development

Powders and particles are frequently used to develop products in various industries. This is where Solids Solutions comes in on a daily basis. We use the knowledge we gain from research, among other things, to help develop products. If you get stuck in the process, we can find out where the problem lies and offer a suitable solution.  We also share our knowledge of particle and powder technology through presentations, seminars and courses. If you would like information on findings in this area, please visit our knowledge centre where various documents can be downloaded.


BET surface analysis

To obtain information on the properties of powders and particles, we use various instruments and methods. To calculate the surface area of a solid, a BET analysis can be performed. BET surface analysis of nanoparticles provides insight into the BET surface area, but also into pore volume and pore size distribution. This is done using gas that is adsorbed on the surface of the substance. The type of gas that is suitable depends on the substance being analysed. If you need advice on the development of a product, please contact us. If you present the problem to us, we will look for a solution.