Need carbon tape for your company?

Do you need carbon tape for your company? At Compositesplaza you will find the carbon tape that you are looking for. We offer you a wide range of composites materials, like tape. Compositesplaza was established in 2014. We are located in Helmond, a city in the south of the Netherlands. Here our head office and our warehouse is located. From this location we send all the orders to our customers.


A specialist in the composites branch

Compositesplaza is a specialist in the composites branch. We offer our customers two types of carbon tape materials: uni-directional (UD) tapes and bi-directional (BD) tapes. The uni-directional tape is made up of long lengthwise oriented carbon fiber bundles, mostly this is E-glass or polyester. These bundles are hold together in a weft direction by a thin yarn. The bi-directional carbon tape also exists of lengthwise carbon bundles, but is held together by a thicker carbon yarn.


Do you want to order carbon tape?

Do you want to order carbon tape at Compositesplaza? Than you can choose between different weights and widths. The bi-directional (BD) tape is available in 200, 250, 370 and 530 g/m2. The uni-directional (UD) tape is available in 125, 220, 250, 300, 330, 340 and 380 g/m2. The tape width varies from 10, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 75 and 100 up to 150 millimetres. You will receive your ordered carbon tape within three working days. You can always contact us for more information.

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