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PCR kits

GC Biotech has a lot of different PCR kits to offer. We provide for example Bioline’s Real Time PCR kits and there are special enzymes and mixes which can be used for this type of reaction. This method is very useful when one needs many copies of a certain piece of genetic material. It’s especially useful when there isn’t much of the orginal DNA. This is usually the case when one studies material found in archeological digging sites. The samples are old and rare. In such cases it would come in handy if one was able to multiply the found genetic material.

With GC Biotech’s products this is possible. Bioline has a PCR kit to offer which can be used to replicate the original piece of DNA. Because it’s a Polymerase Chain Reaction it creates a self strengthening effect in which every newly created piece of DNA can in itself create another identical string. Therefor a lot of the same sample is made at once. So if there is a PCR kit one should be using it would be Bioline’s which can be bought at the internet shop of GC Biotech.

Many different products

Besides PCR kits that come in handy when one needs a lot of the same part of genetic material there are other things that GC Biotech has to offer as well. One can buy magnetic beads for immunoassays that use magnetism to measure the amount of virus, bacteria, etc. Or there are reagents that can change colour to identify substrates, or one of many metabolites, or it can be used to identify certain harmful organisms. There are tools that can be used in research for epigenetics. Proteins can be identified, bound to other molecules and more. We offer weight markers that can be attached to multiple samples. Added to an agarose gel or an polyacrylamide gel and combined with electrophoresis the different particles can be determined. So if one would like to use one of these many products it’s advised to took a look at GC Biotech’s online webshop.