Using an oriental lamp

The usage of an oriental lamp in your house is a perfect way for creating a certain type of atmosphere. Usage of these lamps can be quite wide and varied. This is due the usage of different colours fitted for different living situations. Therefore, there are a lot of options for combining these kind of lamps and not only on ground level.  

Different oriental lamps

There are many sort of oriental lamps available for purchase. There are lamps perfectly fitted for tables , small lamps that can be used as candles or big lamps that can be attached to the ceiling. Options with these products are nearly endless and therefore there’s and option for everyone. These lamps can be used in every room of the house and can serve different purposes. You can use these lamps in the living room to create general lighting and a lively atmosphere, however in the bedroom you can use these lamps to create a calm and deep atmosphere which helps you to relax.

Light bulbs and purchasing

Most oriental lamps have a small or large fitting for light bulbs. That means that either E14 (small) or E27 (Large) will fit. A few years a go a lot of people used regular light bulbs for creating light in these lamps. Nowadays, more and more people use LED or Halogen bulbs. The reason for this is money saving but also the emitting of the light. LED and Halogen bulbs emit a lot more light and are therefore way more efficient for lighting large rooms. If you want to purchase an oriental lamp you will have a lot of options. A lot of different retail and online stores sell these kind of lamps. This can be for a really low price or a high premium price. Choosing for the premium price will guarantee in usage of higher quality materials.

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